måndag 16 juli 2007

Skiss nr 85 - 12x12

Ej visad tidigare!

4 kommentarer:

stampinsars sa...

oh this is a fun one! when you do your sketches, is it always before you do your pages, or sometimes do you make a map of what you have already created?

webmosterhelene sa...

Thanks, Sarah!! I always do the sketches before I create a page :) It's fun to draw them, to see the sketch grow into something I almost can see as an LO

stampinsars sa...

thanks! I need to get working on my kids' scrapbooks again and the hardest part is coming up with the LO ideas... I want to try some of your sketches!

Anna-Leena sa...

Hej har hittat din skissblogg & vilka fina skisser du gör. Jag har gjort en lo efter skiss nr 57. Kolla om du vill på
Mvh Anna-Leena